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Little Guy Nationals Night Number One to Chrysler, Schneider, Teeters…

Andy Priest, Steve Dunmire, Pete Blazczak, and Jace Ferringer Also Winners on Night One

Media Contact:  Lou Long (412-760-9755)

Mercer, PA (September 24, 2011): Night number one of the Little Guy Nationals saw 210 race cars pass through the back gate at Mercer Raceway Park. Taking the top honors were Randy Chrysler (Approved Toilet Rentals 358 Modifieds), Chris Schneider (Precise Racing Products Stock Cars), Jeff Teeters (Bilstein Modified Lite STARS), Andy Priest (ti22 Performance Outlaw Sprint Warriors), Steve Dunmire (Micro Sprints), Pete Blazczak (Big Dog R/C Center Mini Stocks), and Jace Ferringer (Strictly Stocks).

Randy Chrysler was the fastest car on the track when he needed to be. In the last five laps of the Approved Toilet Rentals 358 Modified feature, Chrysler went from fourth to first, earning a cool $1,000 for his first career win at Mercer Raceway Park.

Kyle Fink took the lead when the green flag waived. He, too, was looking for his first career win at the speedway and, for the first 15 laps, it seemed as though he may pull it off. He was able to open up a comfortable lead over Jeff Shaffer in the early going and he maintained it once he entered lapped traffic.

A caution on lap 15 brought Fink back to the rest of the cars. Shaffer lined up second, but it was Lonnnie Riggs who blasted from third to first when the green came out again. A yellow on the very next circuit gave Fink the chance to regain his lead. He was unable to do so.

Riggs was cruising out front when Chrsyler went to work. He took the final green on lap 16 in fifth. He picked up fourth by lap 20 and third on lap 21. Chrysler made a strong move to take second on lap 22.

Riggs had a bit of a lead, and the fans were wondering if he could hold off the hard-charging New Yorker. Chrysler closed the gap and went to the inside of Riggs as they entered turn one for the last time. Riggs was able to hold him off as they came off the second corner, but Chrysler rallied down the backstretch. He again went to the bottom of the track and, this time, he was able to power off turn four for the upset win.

Riggs finished a close, but disappointing, second. Kyle Fink, Jeff Shaffer and 2011 track champion Jimmy Holden completed the top five.

Rob Curtis led the next group to the finish line. Ron Eperthener ran a steady race for the seventh spot. Jeremiah Shingledecker, in a rare start with the 358 Modifieds, crossed in eighth. Frank Guidace and Andy Paden were ninth and tenth.

Heat wins for the 34 358 Modifieds went to Curtis, Fink, Riggs and Rick Hall. The twin B mains were won by Dale Welty and J.R. McGinley.

There were 56 Precise Racing Products Stock Cars on hand for the first of four feature events on this weekend. Taking the $1,000 victory on night number one of the Little Guy Nationals was Chris Schneider.

Veteran Dave Ferringer took the early lead but his advantage was wiped out by a caution with just three laps down. That gave Chris Schneider the chance to line up on his flank. Schneider rode the cushion into the lead as they came off the second corner.

Schneider kept his mount out front through numerous cautions. Ferringer raced second throughout the middle stages of the race, but he was unable to cut into Schneider’s lead. Tim Krape and Paul Schreckengost held positions three and four. Meanwhile, Rusty Martz, a past winner of this event, rode in fifth.

While challenging for position on lap 21, Martz and Krape tangled off turn two, with Krape looping his car. Martz was sent to the tail of the field for the restart.

Ferringer got his final shot at the leader on a lap 22 restart, but Schneider was up to the task. He led the remaining laps without incident.

Schneider took the win, followed by Ferringer and Schreckengost. Fourth went to Greg Fenno. Bobby Whitling recovered from an early spin to take fifth.

Positions six through ten went to Gary Miller, Chris Withers, Tim Krape, Matt Wagner and Mike Miller.

Ferringer, Schreckengost, Russ Byler, Gary Miller, Fenno and Martz won the six heat races. Triple B mains went to track champion Rusty Moore, who is still searching for that record-breaking win; Chad O’Brien and Matt Wagner.

The Bilstein Modified Lite STARS invaded Mercer Raceway Park for a National Series event. Thirty-seven cars were on hand looking to take home the winner’s share, $2,400 in cash and contingencies. While Steve White, from Delaware, and Rod Jones, from nearby West Middlesex, PA, battled hard for the win in a one-lap dash for the cash, it was Jeff Teeters who dropped to the inside of turn two to grab the lead and take the surprise victory.

Jones jumped into the lead from his front row starting spot with Alan Knepper in tow. While Jones continued to lead through two cautions, it was White who was quickly moving up through the pack. He reached second by lap eight.

A couple of cautions put Jones and White side by side for the restarts, but Jones was able to maintain command until the restart on lap 16. On that occasion, White found some traction on the outside of turns one and two and he powered into the lead. A caution negated the pass, however.

Once again, Jones grabbed the top spot at the drop of the green, but White was now the driving the faster machine. He dove low in turn three on lap 17 to claim the lead. Another yellow bunched the filed again.

While White remained in the lead on the restart, by lap 19, Jones was fighting back and Cody Bova was starting to flex some muscle. Bova, who was piloting a brand new car, passed Mikey Hay for third and went to the far outside in a bold attempt to pass both White and Jones in the same corner. Jones came off the turn with the lead, and White in second. Bova’s maneuver failed, and that allowed Hay to regain third.

With 21 down, a caution gave White another shot at the lead. He took advantage of the opportunity, but a quick yellow gave the point back again to Jones. On the restart, White got the jump and Bova followed him into third again. Hay was not about to surrender the position and, while dicing with Bova, there was contact in turn four that sent Hay around.

White held sway through thew final caution, on lap 24. In the one-lap shootout, White and Jones raced hard into turn one. They both drifted up the track, opening up the bottom groove for Jeff Teeters. Teeters came off turn two with the lead, much to everone’s surprise.

His teammate, Jones, and White continued to battle into turn three. They made contact, with White spinning out of contention. He collected Lynn Knepper in the confusion.

Teeters was the winner, with Jones second. New Yorker Derek Wagner finished third, followed by Shawn Sliter and Tracy Fritter.

Mark Marcucci came back from a flip in his heat to win a B Main and claim sixth in the finale. Jacob Bova was seventh, ahead of Andy Feil, Josh Sliter and Alan Knepper.

For the first time, the 305 Sprints frorm the Attioca-Fremont circuit were invited to go head to head with the track’s ti22 Performance Outlaw Sprint Warriors. Although an Ohio driver, Jimmy Colvin, led the first 18 laps of the feature event, it was local favorite Andy Priest who claimed the win in the non-stop event.

Invaders and locals divided the first six starting spots evenly, with Colvin and Dennis Wagner starting on the front row. The initial start was waived off due to a spin in turn two. However, on the second try, Colvin broke into the lead with Wagner close behind. Another Ohio driver, Paul Weaver raced in third with Priest holding down fourth.

With five laps down, Wagner’s solid run came to an end. He did a 360 spin in turn two, losing six positions in the process. That gave Priest second, but he had a considerable gap to close on the leader.

By lap 12, Colvin was into heavy traffic. Priest began to close in on him. However, it was not until lap 17 that Priest finally caught him. One lap later, Priest dropped to the inside as the pair raced throught turn four and Priest gained the advantage on the front stretch.

Priest completed the last two laps without incident, earning his second straight win in the class. Colvin crossed in second. Page Polyak claimed third and Weaver fourth, both for the Ohio contingent. Michael Bauer finished fifth with a heavily smoking engine.

Sixtrh went to divisional champion Guy Griffin. Wagner held on for seventh. Visitor D.J. Foos and local drivers Justin Whitesell and Skip Dougherty rounded out the top ten.

Heat wins for the 20 cars went to Priest and Foos.  There was no B Main.

The Micro Sprints made their one and only appearance of the 2011 season this night. Thirty cars answered the call. When the final results were in, Steve Dunmire was the proud winner.

Dunmire sped from third to first on the opening lap and he never looked back. George Hobaugh gave chase for much of the race, before he lost second to Sean McAndrew. Jeff Haefke and Dave Fleming rounded out the top five.

Finishing sixth through tenth were Todd Reusser, Matt Gardina, Chris Wick, Dave Hawkins and Jacob Gomola.

The three heat winners were Ryan Fredericks, Haefke and Dunmire. The lone B main went to Michael Kerr.

The Big Dog R/C Center Mini Stocks brought 20 cars to the party. Taking the checkers was track champion Pete Blazczak, who struggled over the second half of the season.

Trooper Tim Callahan led the early going, but Bazczak chased him down for the lead. Just a lap after surrendering the top spot to Blazczak, Callahan retired from the race.

Following Blazczak across the finish line was William Blum, Troy Lehnortt, Brian Felmlee and Dan Fedorchak.

Positions six through ten went to Jeremy Double, Michael Thompson, Maria Nevin, Jeff Little and Dean Corrigan.

Heat winners were Ed Haylett and Blazczak. There was no B main.

The Strictly Stocks completed the seven-division race card. Eleven cars were in competition.

Leading the way was Jace Ferringer, who also took the heat race win. Jason Beichner was second, ahead of Pat Fielding, Chip Walsh and Johnny MacCormack. Positions six through nine went to Garrett Calvert, Alan Perry, Travis Crech and Richard Swartz.  Fred Casagni and Shawn Thorn did not start the race.

Approved Toilet Rentals 358 Modifieds:  1. Randy Chrysler, 2. Lonnie Riggs, 3. Kyle Fink, 4. Jeff Shaffer, 5. Jimmy Holden, 6. Rob Curtis, 7. Ron Eperthener, 8. Jeremiah Shingledecker, 9. Frank Guidace, 10. Adny Paden, 11. J.R. McGinley, 12. Ray Bliss, 13. Dean Pearson, 14 Rick Hall, 15. Scott Rodgers, 16. Jerry Shaffer, 17. Clyde Gumpp, 18. Dale Welty, 19. Daver Murdick, 20. Bryan Terwilliger, 21. Ron White, 22. Andy Priest, 23. Ron Cartwright, 24. Kevin Green.  Heat wins: Curtis, Fink, Riggs, Hall.  B Mains:  Welty, McGinley.

Precise Racing Products Stock Cars:  1. Chris Schneider, 2. Dave Ferringer, 3. Paul Schreckengost, 4. Greg Fenno, 5. Bobby Whitling, 6. Gary Miller, 7. Chris Withers, 8. Tim Krape, 9. Matt Wagner, 10. Mike Miller, 11. Bob McCann, 12. Rusty Martz, 13. Cahd O’Brien, 14. Matt Lazowski, 15. Joe Kelly, 16. Curt Bish. 17. Steve Horvath, 18. Rusty Moore, 19. Jeff Buccella, 20. Will Alley, 21. Jeff Sweeney, 22. Brent Johnson, 23. Bob Sloss, 24. Russ Byler.  Heat winners:  Ferringer, Schreckengost, Byler, G. Miller, Fenno, and Martz.  B Main winners:  Moore, O’Brien and M. Wagner.

Bilstein Modified Lites STARS;  1. Jeff Teeters, 2. Rod Jones, 3. Derek Wagner, 4. Shawn Sliter, 5. Tracy Fritter, 6. Mark Marcucci, 7. Cody Bova, 8. Andy Feil, 9. Josh Sliter, 10. Alan Knepper, 11. Shane Pfeuffer, 12. Mitch Ward, 13. Chas Wolbert, 14. Jeremy Adamile, 15. Steve White, 16. Lynn Knepper, 17. Mike Hay, 18. Matt Hay, 19. Tom Kline, 20. Robert Goulding, 21. Brian Stuhldreher, 22. Tim White, 23. Darrin Gallagher, 24. Kevin Nicccolino, 25. George Englert, 26. Matt Hall.  Heat winners:  Feil, S. White, D. Wagner, Jones.  B Main winners:  T. White and C. Bova.

ti22 Performance Outlaw Sprint Warriors (20 laps):  1. Andy Priest, 2. Jimmy Colvin, 3. Page Polyak, 4. Paul Weaver, 5. Michael Bauer, 6. Guy Griffin, 7. Dennis Wagner, 8. D.J. Foos, 9. Justin Whitesell, 10. Skip Dougherty, 11. Adam Anderson, 12. Jimmy Morris, 13. Bob McMillen, 14. Dean Ruth, 15. Joe McEwen, 16. Mike Flynn, 17.Rob Felix, 18.Harold Braden, Jr.  DNS:  Jacob Lagestee, Mike Miller.

Micro Sprints:  1. Steve Dunmire, 2. Sean McAndrew, 3. George Hobaugh, 4. Jeff Haefke, 5. Dave Fleming, 6. Todd Reuser, 7. Matt Gardine, 8. Chris Wick, 9. Dave Hawkins, 10. Jacob Gomola, 11. Robert Garvey, 12. Scott Hawkins, 13. Sterling Theiss, 14. Jason Lomay, 15. Pete Reese, 16. Kyle Colwell, 17. Mike Borawiec, 18. Lee Lehnerd, 19. D.J. Furney, 20. Ryan Fredericks, 21. Michael Kerr, 22. Brandon Hawkins, 23. Tim Eakin, 24. C.J. Jones.  Heat winners:  Fredericks, Haefke and Dunmire.  B Main winner:  Kerr.

Big Dog R/C Center Mini Stocks:  1. Pete Blazczak, 2. William Blum, 3. Troy Lehnortt, 4. Brian Felmlee, 5. Dan Fedorchak, 6. Jeremy Double, 7. Michael Thompson, 8. Maria Nevin, 9. Jeff Little, 10. Dean Corrigan, 11. Tyler Fulton, 12. Chase Anthony, 13. Ken Kolby, 14. Tim Callahan, 15. Carl Keller, 16. Ed Haylett, 17. Clay Wansor, 18. Kevin Lannigan, 19. Kris Anderson, 20. Chris Grant.  Heat winners:  Haylett, Blazczak.

Strictly Stocks:  Jace Ferringer, 2. Jason Beichner, 3. Pat Fielding, 4. Chip Walsh, 5. Johnny MacCormack, 6. Garrett Calvert, 7. Alan Perry, 8. Travis Crech, 9. Richard Swartz.  DNS:  Fre Casagni, Shawn Thorn.  Heat winner:  Ferringer.