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Clarification of Policy Regarding Points

Mercer, PA (Revised May 12, 2102):  Track management announces this clarification of the policy regarding points awarded for racing in 2012 at Mercer Raceway Park.  This clarification is being made because of the number of questions raised and some misinformation that has been circulating throughout the racing community.  The clarification supersedes the post of May 11, 2012, and it is effective immediately.

Points WILL be awarded at ALL races this year UNLESS a division is racing under special rules or outside sanction. There will be NO points awarded when a class is running under special rules of under an outside sanction. However, other classes running under Mercer track rules on that night WILL get their normal points.

Example: On May 12th the All-Stars Sprints are at Mercer. As a result of the outside sanction, the Sprints will not be point racing. The Sprints will NOT receive show up points. The Stocks are running under Mercer’s Open Stock rules, not our regular rules, so no points will be awarded to them. The Outlaw Sprint Warriors and Mini Stocks WILL be running for points as there are no changes from normal racing for their divisions.

On May 19, the Sprints are running under B.O.S.S. wingless rules. No points will be awarded for the Sprints. Sprints will NOT receive show up points. The 358 Modifieds, Outlaw Sprint Warriors, Stock Cars, Mod Lites, and Mini Stocks are all running under Mercer Raceway Park rules and those divisions WILL be point racing.

One last example, on August 18th the BRP Modified Tour will be racing at Mercer. Because of the outside sanction the 358 Modifieds will not point race that night. The 358 Modifieds will NOT receive show up points. All other divisions will be point racing that night.

These are just a few examples for clarification, and are not intended to be an all encompassing list of events.

Again if a division is racing with an outside sanctioning body, or under special rules, NO points will be awarded. All other divisions on those nights racing under regular Mercer Raceway Park rules WILL be point racing.

Additionally as stated on the schedule June 23rd, and September 8th are double points nights for all divisions.

We apologize for any confusion that this revision of policy may have caused.