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Tim Bish Wins “Ray’s Race” for Penn Ohio Pro Stocks; Sadler, Dobrosky, Vivian Jones, Shook, Johnson, and Darby also Succeed at Michael’s Mercer Raceway

For Immediate Release Media Contact: Lou Long (412-760-9755) Tim Bish Wins “Ray’s Race” for Penn Ohio Pro Stocks; Sadler, Dobrosky, Vivian Jones, Shook, Johnson, and Darby also Succeed at Michael’s Mercer Raceway (Mercer, PA June 22, 2091): Tim Bish won the Penn Ohio Pro Stock Championship Series race at Michaels Mercer Raceway. It was the Second Annual “Ray’s Race,” held in memory of R.K. Virgile, a patron of the Pro Stock Dvivision throughout Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio. To get the $2,011 winner’s share, Bish had to hold off Tim Deutsch for more than twenty laps. Also taking wins during the Little Guys’ Summer Spectacular were Brian Sadler, who got his first in the Turn 4 Toilet Fastrak Limited Modifieds; Greg Dobrosky, who chased down Jacob Gomola late in the Hards Welding and Fabrication/River Valley Butcher Bloch Racesaver 305 Sprint Cars; Vivian Jones, who topped her dad in the Barris Trucking Modified Lites; and Shane Shook, who prevailed in the Ray’s Racing Collectibles/Eperthener’s Auto Wrecking Mini Stocks. Ivan Johnson grabbed the 270 Micro Sprint feature, and Sammy Darby swept the heat and feature for the Junior Sprints. The Pro Stocks had two other events on their part of the card, a special dash for drivers and cars sponsored by R.K. Virgile Scrap Metals and others, and a non-qualifiers care. Taking those honors were Rusty Martz and Chris Withers, respectively. Tim Bish and Paul Davis had the front row for the 25 lap Virgile tribute race for the Penn Ohio Pro Stocks. Tim Deutsch and former track champ William Hurrelbrink were in row two. Randy Weyant and Noah Brunell occupied the third row, and area stalwarts Bobby Whitling and Rusty Moore had the fourth row. But, with 46 of the region’s best Pro Stock drivers on hand this evening, the talent ran all the way through the field. Bish and Davis boldly charged into the first turn on the opening lap. Bish had the better line and took the lead coming off turn two. Davis, Deutsch, Weyant, and Hurrelbrink closely followed. Davis continued the pressure for three laps. Deutsch took over the second spot following a restart that was caused by a minor skirmish involving Joe Steinrajh and Curt Bish. Hurrelbrink followed Deutsch into third. Davis was soon fighting with Whitling to keep his position within the top five. The action was halted again for Steinrajh, who slowed in turn four. On the ensuing restart, Whitling did displace Davis. The racers then reeled off a dozen laps without incident. During this run, Bish continued to lead Deutsch, but Hurrelbrink and Whitling remained within striking distance throughout. Pat Fielding’s misfortune set up an eventful restart. a driver in the middle of the pack did a brake check in turn three, just as the cars were starting to accelerate in anticipation of the green. Five cars were collected, including that of Moore, who was able to return to the action. The final nine laps were completed without further incident. Bish and Deutsch battled out front. Weyant came up to third, and Moore put on a strong run coming from the tail. One had to wonder whether Moore would have been a challenger for the win had he not been sent to the rear on lap sixteen. With the checkers in sight, Bish waived his left fist triumphantly in the air. Deutsch beat Weyant to the line. Moore was closing fast, but needed several more laps to become a factor in the race. Hurrelbrink was fifth. Davis, Brunell, Andy Buckley, Joey Zambotti and Whitling completed the top ten. Heat victories went to Moore, Brunell, Whitling, defending series champion Chris Schneider, and Tim Bish. The pair of B Mains belonged to Rusty Martz and Curt Bish. Martz also copped the dash. The non-qualifiers race went to Chris Withers over Gary Fisher, Rod Laskey, Terry Wheeler, and Josh Seippel. Brian Sadler was the happy winner of $1,200 in the Turn 4 Toilets Fastrak Limited Modified feature. He started on the pole, next to recent victor Erik Martin. Shayne Izzo and Jordan Eherenberg were in the next row. Jason Hufnagel and Brian Schaffer were next, and a pair of 14s graced row four. They were driven by Jerry Schaffer and D.J. Schrader, respectively. previous winners Garrett Krummert and Steve Slater had row five. Sadler grabbed the early lead and he defended his position through three restarts. The first and third were minor, single-car events, but the second was a major five-car incident on the backstretch involving Dillon Barr, Jerry Schaffer, Jim Bryce, Khole Holden, and Gage Priester. None of the drivers were hurt, but the accident took its toll on the machinery. When racing resumed, Sadler was out front again, but Martin was hounding him. That lasted until lap fourteen, when Martin and Krummert tangled while fighting for second. That moved Brian Schaffer into contention, but he was no match for Sadler this night. Sadler took the checkers, followed by Brian Schaffer, Steve Slater who patiently advanced in the second half of the race, Izzo, and Ehrenberg. Blaze Myers lost a podium finish on the final turns of the last lap when he spun to a stop. Holden and Bryce came back from their lap two incident to get sixth and seventh. Schrader, Josh Deems, and Krummert completed the top ten. Heat wins belonged to Krummert and Brian Schaffer. There was no B Main for the 22 cars on hand. In the Racesaver 305 Sprint Cars presented by Hards Welding and Fabrication and River Valley Butcher Block, the field completed the first nineteen laps of the feature without incident, challenging even the most veteran observers to keep track of the proper running order. Through most of that that time, Jacob Gomola led the way, coming from fourth to first on the opening lap. Greg Dobrosky, who started on the pole, was racing along in second until Gomola slid out of the groove on lap sixteen. Dobrosky took advantage of the miscue and dove under him to take the lead. Meanwhile, Gary Kriess worked up from eighth to third, and Kyle Colwell charged from eleventh to fifth. Following a brief stoppage for debris, there was a one-lap dash for the cash, $1,000 to be exact. Dobrosky easily handled that chore, and Gomola had to settle for second. Kries was followed across the line by Colwell and Jordan Welch. Another newcomer, Rod Henning, was sixth. Rob Felix returned to the track after missing several weeks due to work commitments and a family medical issue and he placed seventh. Justin Clark, another invader, was eighth. Vincent Dougherty and Chase Metheny rounded out the top ten. The preliminaries went to Colwell and Henning. There was no B Main for the nineteen cars that signed in. The third heat was a prelude to the feature in the Barris Trucking Modified Lites. In that race, teenager Vivian Jones held off her father, veteran Rod Jones, to take the win. Well, the duo were the class of the feature event as well. But, this time, Rod made things much more difficult for her. He took the lead away a couple of time, but on each occasion, Vivian was able to bounce back. Jason Darocha had the prime vantage point to observe the family feud, as he motored along in third the whole race. There were two cautions and one red flag in the race. The red was displayed when five cars tangled on the front stretch. Shane Webb and Mark Marcucci lost their positions in the top five. Also involved were Bob Boano, Jason Gracey, and Teddy Williams. Marcucci got the worst of the damage, but all drivers climbed from their cars unscathed. Vivian Jones took the checkers and the family bragging rights for the second time this season. Proud papa Rod was second, with Darocha third. Dusty Frantz was fourth, and Robby Barris fifth. Positions six through ten went to Tyler Purnell, Teddy Williams, Ayden Cipriano, Roman Jones, and Ed Mudrick. The three heat races were won by Shane Webb, Darocha, and Vivian Jones. There was no B Main, as all twenty-six cars were eligible to start the feature race. The Silver Bullet, D.J. Macrae, jumped out to the early lead in the Mini Stock feature, offered by Ray’s Racing Collectibles and Eperthener’s Auto Wrecking. Shane Shook moved from the fifth starting spot to the head of the line on lap five, and he led the rest of the way. Bill Fuchs took over the second spot just one lap before the only stoppage of the race,which occurred on lap eight. Fuchs tried every trick in the book to get past Shook when he race went green again, but he was unable to pull off the winning pass. Phil King took third, with Joe Campbell and Steve Longwell, Sr. completing the top five. Johnny Bruce, Eugene Arkenbergh, Kyle Donnelly, Justin Bailey, and Joe Romanko rounded out the top ten. Three heats and a B Main narrowed down the 29 car field. Fuchs, King, and Campbell were the heat victors, and Romanko was best in the B Main. The 270 Micro Sprints made their first appearance of the season. Getting the win was Ivan Johnson, who led from flag to flag. Todd Reusser followed him the entire distance, but could not find a way to get around him. Brian Borawiec, Jr. was a close third. Jeff Weaver, who was doing double duty this night, was fourth. Ryan Fredericks was fifth. Brett Brunkenhoefer, Rick Tucker, Luke Heels, Jeff Haefke, and Natalie Brunnon were the balance of the top ten. Borawiec and Johnson topped their qualifiers. The Junior Sprints also completed their first event of teh 2019 season at the track. Sammy Darby won both the heat race and the feature. Tyler Allison, Travis Carothers, Luke Mulichak, and Evan Darby were second through fifth. Jackson Billyk, Randy White, Brianna Parker, Blaine Schlechty, and Garret Davenport were sixth through tenth. Jackson Dye was the other competitor. The busy month of June at Michaels Mercer Raceway will finish with the Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series. The Sprint Cars will race old school style, that is, without the big wings! Sprint Car entusiats young and old alike will want to see this event. Also on the June 29 card will be the Turn 4 Toilets Fastrak Limited Modifieds, the Barris Trucking Modified Lites (with Dwarfs) and the Ray’s Racing Collectibles/Eperthener’s Auto Wrecking Mini Stocks. The 270 Micors will be back for a return engagement, as will the Junior Sprints. Penn Ohio Pro Stock Championship Series “Ray’s Race:” Tim Bish, Tim Deutsch, Randy Weyant, Rusty Moore, Bill Hurrelbrink, Paul Davis, Noah Brunell, Andy Buckley, Joey Zambotti, Bobby Whitling, Rusty Martz, Kyle Couchenour, Leigh Wheeler, Jamie Sharba, Jason Fosnaught, Chris McGuire, Shaun Hooks, Jim Fosnaught, Andy Thompson, Chris Schneider, Jackson Humanic, Fat Fielding, Joe Steinrajh, Hunter Exley (DNS). Pro Stock Non-qualifiers Race: Chris Withers, Gary Fisher, Rod Laskey, Terry Wheeler, Josh Seippel, Sonny Baker, Tyler Kubic, Jacob Billyk, Tyler Wyant, Bill Slade, Charlie McMillen, Gill DeMello. DNS: Russ Coyne, Steve Allison, Brian Carothers, Ben Gordon, Nick Kocuba, Jordan Perkins, Curt Bish, Jr., Andrew Gordon, Clyde Roberts. Pro Stock Dash: Rusty Martz, Randy Wyant, Bobby Whitling, Curt Bish, Jackson Humanic, Pat Fielding, Charlie McMillen, Joe Steinrajh, Josh Seippel, Tyler Wyant, Curt Bish, Jr. Turn 4 Toilets Fastrak Limited Modifieds: Brian Sadler, Brian Schaffer, Steve Slater, Shayne Izzo, Jordan Ehrenberg, KholeHolden, Jim Bryce, D.J. Schrader, Josh Deems, Garrett Krummert, Josh Hinchberger, Jessica Kriegisch, Jason Hufnagel, Blaze Myers, Erik Martin, Justin Halicki, Jerry Schaffer, Dillon Barr, Gage Priester, Michael Kristyak, Tom Urey, Chad Gumpp (DNS). Hard Welding and Fabrication/River Valley Butcher Block Racesaver 305 Sprints: Greg Dobrosky, Jake Gomola, Gary Kriess, Kyle Colwell, Jordan Welch, Rod Henning, Rob Felix, Justin Clark, Vincent Dougherty, Chase Metheny, Steve Cousins, Will Fleming, Andy Cavanaugh, Jeff Weaver, Matt Gardina, Johnny Walker, Michael Lutz, Toby Hanlon (DNS), Dylan Proctor (DNS). BarrisTrucking Modified Lites: Vivian Jones, Rod Jones, Jason Darocha, Dusty Frantz, Robby Barris, Tyler Purnell, Teddy Williams, Ayden Cipriano, Roman Jones, Ed Murdick, Jordan Simmons, Anthony Gillespie, Charlie Biskup, Jason Gracey, Shane Webb, Mark Marcucci, Bob Boano, Nathaniel Bale, Jacob Isenhart, Mark Biskup, Tiffany Williams, Jeff Davis, Ted Williams, Michael Heverly, Eric Marsh, Jerry Langley. Ray’s Racing Collectibles/Eperthener’s Auto Wrecking Mini Stocks: Shane Shook, Bill Fuchs, Phil King, Joe Campbell, Steve Longwell, Sr., Johnny Bruce, Eugene Arkenbergh,Kyle Donnelly, Justin Bailey, Joe Romanko, Carl Ealy, Mike Barr, Alan Perry, Karlee Longwell, Summer Pitts, Jamie Tasker, Larry Blake, D.J. Macrae, Josh Stoner, Dewayne Redinger, Mike Kelley, Mike Porterfield (DNS), Patrick Miller (DNS), David Coffin (DNS). DNQ: Mike Mathieson, Pete Blaczak, Todd Hanlon, James Buchanan, Will Aley. 270 Micro Sprints: Ivan Johnson, Todd Reusser, Brian Borawiec Jr., Jeff Weaver, Ryan Fredericks, Brett Brunkenhoefer, Rick Tucker, Luke Heeds, Jeff Haefke, Natalie Brunnon, C.T. Davis, Lonny McConahy, Steve Dunmire (DNS). Junior Sprints: Sammy Darby, Tyler Allison, Travis Carothers, Luke Mulichak, Evan Darby, Jackson Billyk, Randy White, Brianna Parker, Blaine Schlechty, Garret Davenport, Jackson Dye.